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Donate to Adaptive Yoga NW

Please consider donating to Adaptive Yoga NW students.

Your donations help pay for student tuition, props & yoga supplies. 

Some of our students who would benefit greatly from Yoga do not have the resources to pay for classes.

Donations for props, studio rental, and teacher wages significantly help manage costs by providing yoga and expanding while keeping tuition costs low.  

In lieu of direct donation, if you have an idea for a fundraiser or would like AYNW to host a fundraising yoga class in your space please contact us by email. We would love to discuss fundraising options!

Click the Donate button below to be directed to our paypal account

**Please be aware that as of now Adaptive Yoga NW is not yet a non-profit organization. We are an LLC however our practices are such that most of our profits do go back into the organization for growth, expansion, and student tuition. We will not be able to provide donation receipts for tax purposes. 
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